Baker 2.4″ Open Synchronous Open Belt Drive Polished #696668


Having an open belt drive is one of those traits of a cool chopper. The mechanical nature of an open belt whippin’ in the breeze gives that element of nostalgia that is so popular in the V-twin dominated world we all love. We agree and tried to build on that cool factor with some modern day engineering. Our 2.4″ wide belt rides on Zinc plated 1045 steel pulleys. We used larger 14mm teeth and a forged outboard support to add as much strength as possible.  Our 11 plate clutch design will handle up 120 ft-lbs of continuous use right out of the box. Our 1 piece jackshaft is exponentially stronger than stock, and when matched with our 1 piece clutch basket design, will yield years of reliable starting that we all come to expect these days. Not being happy with a product that just works great, we pulled out our design pencils and did our best to add the same level of aesthetic style to complement the strength of the mechanical design.

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